La Pergola restaurant
Buca di Bacco

A restaurant in Positano: An experience to live. A magical moment to feel. An indelible memory to take home.

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La Pergola, the best restaurant in Positano close to the sea.

La Pergola of the Buca di Bacco Group: the seaside restaurant is an experience that you will never forget if you’ll visit Positano, the center of the Amalfi Coast.

A ray of sunshine,the sound of the sea, a sensory experience made of colors, scents and flavors. The best restauranti in Positano: a seaside location, a place that magically opens onto the most characteristic beach of the Amalfi Coast.

A visceral relationship with the Gulf of Salerno, the true source of inspiration for our chefs.

Ingredients of the day, a revisited traditional food, an innovative dish that winks at art. The quality of the so-called km 0 ingredients.

Welcome to the La Pergola, the best restaurant in Positano

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La Pergola restaurant menu

A relationship with the scent of history and the taste of legend: this is the menu of our seaside restaurant. Local raw material, respect for tradition and desire to overcome one's limits. Because if you are looking for a place to eat in Positano...the Buca di Bacco is the best restaurant in the Amalfi Coast.

La Pergola Pizzeria by the sea in Positano

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La Pergola Pizzeria by the sea in Positano

In certain moments, in some situations such as before returning to the hotel, after swimming or while going o the disco…when you feel like something but you don't know what… and then a pizza is what you need!.

In our seaside restaurant on the Amalfi Coast there is a wood-burning oven that is always ready to meet your wishes. Even those that you can only indulge in on vacation…because if you are looking for the best restaurant in Positano, the Buca di Bacco pizzeria "la Pergola" will transform every moment into a tasty memory.

Our wine list

A chalice during the sunset, a sparkling wine before lunch, a delicate rosé in the evening or a more full-bodied bottle to accompany meals. Because every moment has its own wine: dry, robust, sparkling, sweet or fruity. In our best seaside restaurant in Positano it will be possible to experience them all, because if you are wondering where to eat something special in Positano... also ask yourself which labels deserve the best restaurant on the beach: we will serve you.

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