American bar
Buca di Bacco

Feeling at home even miles away. Especially if you are on vacation and looking for the best restaurant in Positano.

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Buca di Bacco American Bar
A special corner on the Amalfi Coast

Just drinking something, tasting some snacks and relaxing between one break and another. Because this is the Buca di Bacco American Bar, a location of our restaurant close to the Positano sea.

The best restaurant in Amalfi Coast where you can eat special food without stress: a cocktail before lunch, the so-called American breakfast, a strong brunch in perfect American style. An international moment lived in the very Italian "la Pergola", an international food prepared in the Italian way.

Welcome to the American Bar of "La Buca di Bacco"

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A location
close to Positano sea

A new location concept: the best restaurant in Positano dedicated to international clients open 24 hours.

An American Bar able to satisfy all desires during a vacation in the Amalfi Coast. If you are looking for the best restaurant in Positano where it’s possible to take a soft drink or an American breakfast ... our door to the beach restaurant is always open. A location with the sound of the waves to keep you company. An experience that will make you feel part of a new big family.

Welcome home.

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Our proposal

A magical meeting, a promise of eternal love on the most beautiful Amalfi Coast beach.

A rich aperitif, an American breakfast, a brunch with local food or a good smoothie.

Are you looking for the best restaurant in Positano to eat local foos close to the sea?
Please visit our American Bar… we will satisfy all your needs.